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A total Transformation program Designed to open you up to new levels of freedom in your life.

Hi. My name is Megan. And I am the creator of the Fearless Heart Coaching Program. My mission is to empower individuals with the tools of self-love and confidence.

I made this my mission as it has been a struggle for me most of my life. After experiencing full blown mental breakdown in 2013 and then break-through with the help of my own personal coach, I became wonderfully obsessed with supporting others through what I lovingly refer to as “the trenches” of life. Originally I focused my coaching practice on stress and anxiety. I consider that my specialty. In 2016 my daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and my marriage fell apart. If ever I was in “the trenches” it was then. The amazing thing is, I worked the tools my coach gave me and handled cancer and divorce like a mutha f**kin boss!

I tell you part of my story only so that you know, not only can I relate to stress and low self-esteem, I’m also am a living breathing success story. After years of hating myself I can now say confidently, I am a badass warrior of love and I am determined to spread that like wildfire.

Even though I still consider stress management a specialty, all of my own personal work and now years of supporting others through their work, has made one thing clear to me; anxiety is not the underlying problem. Self-love is. I practiced yoga, meditation and read all the books on empowerment… The thing that made the biggest difference was learning to love myself. Even in the imperfect, messy, trenches of my life. Even if the world had not given me permission yet to do so. I changed my patterns of thinking and self talk. Was it easy? Hell no! Though is was surprisingly simple. And I want to teach you.

I mentioned tools. Believe it or not, self-esteem can be learned through basics techniques and the benefits are vast!

  • A calm mind, free of stress and anxiety.

  • Greater motivation for healthy habits.

  • The ability to deal with life obstacles.

  • Increased strength and tenacity.

  • Increased productivity.

In my 5 week personal coaching program you will learn the exact tools that I used to rebuild self-worth. You will see where in your life you are stuck in old thought patterns and through specific techniques you will shift those patterns of thinking and choose for yourself a new way of being. New patterns, new thinking, and new behaviour that will generate more vitality and freedom in your life.

Program details:

  • 5 - Weekly 60 Minute Private Coaching Sessions (sessions can be in person or over the phone)

  • Weekly homework to support your success between sessions

  • Meditation Podcasts emailed to you weekly

  • Yoga Podcasts emailed to you weekly (optional: practice is not mandatory)

  • On-going text/email support during your program

Investment: $375

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