Rebel Power Yoga

200 Hour Teacher Leader Development Program

The Rebel Power Yoga


Inspired by the Baptiste Methodology; at cause for inspiring the best versions of ourselves & the world around us, starting with the world within us. 

What it's all about:

The Rebel Power Yoga Teacher Leader Development Program is a world class training. Through a combination of asana (yoga), meditation and self inquiry, you will develop your life and your practice to a whole new level. Learn to speak and lead from confidence. Immerse yourself in your practice and gain clarity in your life's purpose. 

This training is for any level of practitioner that seeks to better understand yoga philosophies and how to live your yoga practice on and off your mat. For best results, approach this training as a personal development. When you deepen your own practice first, teaching and leading are natural expressions of you!

Course Study:

  • Personal practice and development

  • Meditation and pranayama (breath technique)

  • Alignment and Balanced Action: Sthira Sukha

  • Sequencing - Journey into Power

  • Hands on Assisting

  • Lead with a calm and commanding voice

  • Lead impactful workshops and skill work

  • Develop your brand/vision

You will not find another program that matches the quality, content and the ability to transform such as this one. Beyond form, this program is more than learning to teach; it’s about personal excellence, community, way of being and LEADERSHIP. 

Journey into Power is about excavating the amazing, radiant self already inside you. Within you is a power that is already perfect, and the true essence of seeking on this journey is accepting.” 
― Baron Baptiste


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Weekend Schedule

8am-9pm Saturday and 8am-6pm Sunday

1. Oct 19-20, 2019

2. Nov 16-17, 2019

3. Dec 14-15, 2019

4. Jan 25-26, 2020

5. Feb 22-23, 2020

6. Mar 21-22, 2020 

7. Apr 18-19, 2020

8. May 16-17, 2020

To receive your certificate: Your tuition must be paid in full, you must complete all homework assignments and complete a 5 hour teaching practicum. 

Tuition: $500 nonrefundable/non-transferable application fee + $2900 program fee. (Ask about a customized payment plan)

Early Bird Registration: Save $400 before September 21, 2019.


1. Please complete the application form.

2. Submit your application fee. 

3. Once your application and fee have been received, a phone interview will be scheduled. 


Megan took the time to develop a safe and trusting environment for the students in the program.  We very quickly learned to trust each other, which allowed us to take greater risks with the support of our team.  Such a positive environment allowed us to take the most out of the variety of activities provided in order to develop ourselves as teacher leaders; this included group dialogue,  journaling, practice teaching, reading, games, self-inquiry, meditation, and, of course, practice.

We were also taught how to effectively give and receive feedback, how to hold space for others, and how to be a stand for one another.  This meant that we were also learning to lead each other to greatness.

The Rebel Power Yoga Teacher Leader program is grounded with clear intention and a vision for possibility of greatness in the community and in the world.  I can’t say enough about how inspiring the program has been in teaching me to find greatness in my own life.

— P.G.


I highly recommend the 200 hour teacher leadership training with Rebel Power Yoga. I have gained considerable confidence and skills to effectively lead a powerful class.

Megan has an ability to see what is possible for you when you are unable to see for yourself! The inquiry work is a real eye opener, it will get you pointed in the right direction for success on and off your mat! I am grateful for her powerful leadership in this community and especially my journey :0).

— B.W.


I learned much more than just the practice and techniques of yoga. The Rebel Power Yoga Teacher Leader Development Program taught me to break out of my own comfort zone and step into a deeper commitment to myself and my community. The program enabled me to deepen my capacity for what is possible in my life, personally and professionally.

My vision has shifted from sitting in mediocracy into exceeding myself to find my exceeding self. I learned to see something bigger in myself and in those around me. I learned to, and am continuing to learn, what full expression is in my life and on my yoga mat. 

— M.L.

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Megan Daniels

500 E-RYT Lead Facilitator

I have been teaching and leading yoga all over the world for over 15 years. With multiple certifications under my belt and nearly 5000 hours of personal development and training I am committed to quality education and leadership. 

I lead from love of learning; where knowledge is not a destination but rather a rigorous process of curiosity and discovery. I consider my expertise to be functional alignment as well as coaching discussion & inquiry for mental well-being.

I call this program a Teacher Leader Development Program because it is so much more than learning to teach yoga. In fact, many people train with me that have no intention of teaching. It is first and foremost a program of self discovery. Developing personal power and deepening your own practice on and off your mat. I believe that powerful people make powerful leaders and my aim is to coach personal breakthroughs. 

If teaching yoga is your aim, you will absolutely leave this program with the skills to lead a dynamic power vinyasa class. Through posture clinic and hands on assisting you will better understand how to set yourself and your students up for safe and impactful practice. You will not only discover your voice, you will be empowered to use it in a way that lands. You will understand what it means to create connection in people's heart and body. 

The RPY Teacher Leader Development Program exists to cause your best self. My promise is to give you the tools necessary to fulfill upon your unique purpose and make an actual difference in the world around you, starting with the world within you.


You are ready now.