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Personal Training

5 - 45 minute sessions: $185


Foundation 101

A personal program for total newbies. If you want support getting started with yoga and want to create a solid foundation for your practice, this program is for you.

Finesse 101


A personal program for the next level. What ever that is for you...

From where you are right here, what now is possible? That’s what Finesse 101 is all about. From beginner to advanced this program will elevate your practice and give you the tools to continually reach your next goal.


Tell me what you want... so I can make it happen!

Yoga is not elite. With all the tools, anyone could have strength, flexibility, stability. These programs are meant to provide you with the tools that unlock potential and move you to the next level in your practice. Whether you are just getting started or looking to grow your edge, together we design a program for you.  

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