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A total Transformation program Designed to open you up to new levels of freedom in your life.

Hi. My name is Megan. And I am the creator of the Fearless Heart Coaching Program. My mission is to empower individuals with the tools of self-love and confidence.

I have spent years developing a program that powerfully causes transformation in stress, anxiety and self-esteem. I coach from a place of authentic connection and love. I’ve worked with many people over the years, teaching tools for stress and anxiety management. This past year, I've discovered a common theme. Those who handle their stress well, feel a sense of love and connection. Those who don't manage their stress well, feel disconnected from self AND the most common underlying cause I've observed is self-loathing. 

My clients don't walk in and tell me they hate themselves. They say they are mostly "fine" and just can't seem to figure out why they feel so anxious. Through powerful guided inquiry, we get underneath "fine" and most often discover the culprit is negative self image and negative self talk. Because we keep telling ourselves we are “fine” we tend to hit rock bottom before we seek change. Because change in itself is a scary, uncomfortable, 4 letter word. 

This breaks my heart. I have seen people transform from fear to strength, from hate to love and from anxious to calm and grounded. The program I walk people through is so simple and so profound. I invite you to take action. Go from “fine” to wonderfully healthy and happy.

Believe it or not, self-love can be learned through basics techniques and the benefits are vast!

  • A calm mind, free of stress and anxiety.

  • Greater motivation for healthy habits.

  • The ability to deal with life obstacles.

  • Increased strength and tenacity.

  • Increased productivity.

In my 5 week personal coaching program you will learn an exact set tools to rebuild self-worth. You will see where in your life you are stuck in old thought patterns and through specific techniques you will shift those patterns of thinking and choose for yourself a new way of being. New patterns, new thinking, and new behaviour that will generate more vitality and freedom in your life.

Program details:

  • 5 - Weekly 60 Minute Private Coaching Sessions (sessions can be in person or over the phone)

  • Weekly homework to support your success between sessions

  • Meditation Podcasts emailed to you weekly

  • Yoga Podcasts emailed to you weekly (optional: practice is not mandatory)

  • On-going text/email support during your program

Investment: $375

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