Rebel Power Yoga

is a Hot Yoga studio that is inspired by the Baptiste Yoga Methodology.



Journey Into Power

Journey into Power is a dynamic sequence by Baron Baptiste where components of strength and mobility are woven together with breath and drishti. Throughout this 90 minute sequence you will be guided through precision in your gaze (drishti), your breath (ujjayi), and your physical foundation (hands, feet and core) All levels are welcome with all adaptations encouraged. Expect to progress from exactly where you are to always the next level.

Expand Your Power

This is Journey Into Power under a microscope. Still 90 minutes of powerful baptism by fire… with a smidgen of extra focus placed on any one of the 11 component parts of the J.I.P. sequence. In the words of Giorgio Armani - “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” And so we repeat and we look again in more detail each time, until we are masters of the craft.

Power Vinyasa

All of our classes are based on the methodology of Baptiste Yoga and the sequence Journey into Power. Power Vinyasa is our play ground. We explore outside of J.I.P. and bring in new transitions and variations of your favourite poses. We encourage all adaptations and love to accommodate all levels.

The Rinse

The Rinse is a fluid practice that keeps you in the flow and out of your head. We move through the entire J.I.P. sequence in 60 minutes. Plenty of time to avoid rush, not enough time to get stuck. The aim is not technical perfection. It's to keep moving, eliminate stress, raise your heart rate and induce a baptism of sweat that leaves your body and mind feeling... rinsed.    

Slow Flow

Don’t let the name fool you. Slow Flow is a ridiculously powerful class focused on transitioning with grace and fluidity. With precise alignment to centre line as you flow from pose to pose with determined exactness!! Well, or as exact as you can as you progress to stronger and bigger ranges of motion. The last half of this class is slow and juicy floor work. All levels welcome.

The Throw Down

HIIT & Flow. It's like high intensity interval training married vinyasa yoga and this is their love child. This class will hand your ass to you and then some.

Yin Essentials

60 minutes of yummy yin yoga with a weekly selection of essential oils that will target different restorative and recovery responses in your mind and body. Physically you will lean in to the deepest juiciest muscle groups.

Meditation & Restorative Flow

The ultimate Jedi training. Present moment, body awareness based mindfulness in the method of seated meditation and gentle fluid movement.