Power Vinyasa

Based on the sequence by Baron Baptiste, Journey into Power. A dynamic sequence where components of strength and mobility are woven together while learning to move with your breath. We vary the sequence while staying true to the heart of JIP. 

This class is for all levels; adaptations are taught. 

The Rinse

The Rinse is a fluid practice that keeps you in the flow and out of your head. We move through the entire Journey into Power sequence in 60 minutes. Plenty of time to avoid rush, not enough time to get stuck. The aim is not technical perfection. It's to keep moving, eliminate stress, raise your heart rate and induce a baptism of sweat that leaves your body and mind feeling... rinsed.    

Power Centre

Want more ease in your transitions? Strengthen your core.

Want stronger chaturangas? Strengthen your core. 

Want to live longer? Want world peace? Strengthen your core.

Ok, well that last one is debatable, but think about it. If everyone in the world was stronger, healthier and moved more from the centre of their being, don't you think that might cause more peace?

This class is dedicated to not only strengthening your world peace muscles, but also a perfect opportunity to reflect on the values you hold at your very core.

The Throw Down

HIIT & Flow. It's like high intensity interval training married vinyasa yoga and this is their love child. This class will hand your ass to you and then some. Challenge accepted? 

Slow Flow

A vinyasa class without the hurry. It's a powerful and sensual class that will slow you the f**k down! We will move you through poses outside of Journey into Power and encourage creativity and curiosity in your practice. 

The Restoration

Yummy... Seriously yummy! Lenor has relaxation down to an art. And this class will be the best thing you did for yourself all weekend. With the use of bolsters and blankets you will gently ease tension out of your mind and body. 

Warning: spontaneous yogasm is perfectly normal and can be acknowledged and released simply by saying "yesssss!!!" 

Power Yin

Power yoga offers the opportunity of slower movement and longer holds in powerful standing postures. 

Yin Yoga targets deep muscle facia and allows for deeper opening in seated and suppine postures. 

Power Yin is the perfect blend. Strength and softness. Excellent for all levels, and a perfect way to balance your Vinyasa practice. 

JIP - Flipped

Welcome to my playground! Journey into Power is a sequence for all levels that teaches the techniques that make more advanced postures like handstand, headstand and arm balances possible. 

In JIP - Flipped we will flow through a practice that utilizes the alignment of JIP to develop the playful side of yoga. This is for ALL LEVELS!! You do not any skill in inversions. We will break everything down and work from the ground up. 

JIP Juicy

We hear this all the time... How do I get more flexibility in my _______________ ? Whether it's hips, hamstings, shoulders... 

Did you know that Active/PNF Stretching is THE MOST effective way to increase flexibility?? Did you know that Journey into Power takes your body through a full range of motion using Active/PNF stretching? 

JIP Juicy promises to create more mobility as we target specific muscle groups to open those typically stubborn areas of tightness.